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Raid on Alcine
Build 2 construction rigs, using them to build a training center, and an assembly plant. Build up a force of Guardians, some scout runners if you want, and head south on the path, there is a small installation there, you should only encounter a few scattered infantry units, and a turret. Destroy that and head east, in the center there are about 3 water launch pads. destroy them, and your on you way.

Poison Sky
Build plasma turrets to block off the eastern entrance to your base and to protect your southern border. Take advantage of the fact that your base is surrounded by protective rocky boundaries. Build a Water Launch Pad near the freshwater spring visible at the start of the level. As soon as you have a couple turrets set up, build a second Water Launch Pad near the second freshwater spring in the top left corner of the map. Build some Guardians and armored units and head south. Turn east and attack the Freedom Guard units near the freshwater spring - later you can bring another couple of Construction Rigs down and build a plasma turret and another Water Launch Pad there. Continue attacking east, avoiding the laser turret, and take out the Assembly Plant at the bottom of the map. Once the plant is gone, you can continue south and take out the Freedom Guard Training Facility, HQ, and Water Launch Pad.

Prison Break
Build a Water Launch Pad near the freshwater spring at the southern edge of the map. Build a few plasma turrets to protect the northern entrances to your base. As soon as you have an Assembly Plant built, create a few Scout Runners and use their attack range to take out the laser turrets blocking the path to the freshwater spring to the northeast of your base. You can also take some of the turrets out safely with Bions by huddling at the edge of the jungle outside of the turrets' sighting range. Build another Water Launch Pad there and guard it with a turret to prevent attacks from the north. Remember the key advantage that your Scout Runners and Plasma Tanks have in these early scenarios: As hovercrafts, they can usually escape enemy units or avoid turrets by crossing water or swamps. Build another Assembly Plant and a few turrets on the eastern road. The convoy will eventually try to escape down that road, and your turrets will ensure that the convoy has a very "eventful" trip, even if the convoy slips by your units. There are also a few prisoners on that road, which are in dire need of execution. Using Plasma Tanks or Scout Runners, cross the water to the west to prevent Freedom Guard Freighters from getting to the freshwater spring along the western road. You should also kill the escaped prisoners on that road. Now that you've limited the Freedom Guard to one freshwater spring, you should be able to attack the Freedom Guard base without being overwhelmed. Build a large group of units and attack from the east. Use Scout Runners to attack the turrets, protected by a row of Plasma Tanks slightly behind them. If your Scout Runners are attacked, retreat behind the Plasma Tanks until your attackers are destroyed, then resume your attack on the turrets. After you take out a couple of turrets, you should be able to enter the heart of the Freedom Guard base and begin attacking key buildings and, more importantly, the convoy. It will try to flee when you get close to it, so direct your fire at the convoy as soon as it is in range so that you can get it started on its retreat. After all, your turrets are waiting.

Teron Occupation
Start off by sending a couple of Shredders out to do some damage - the rioting civilians are easy targets and also not threatening, so concentrate your attacks on the abundant number of Freedom guard infantry in the city, while avoiding turrets and armored units. Keep the Shredders together so that they can quickly take out infantry that might try to counterattack. If one of your Shredders is weakened, move it slightly behind the other and use "formation move" (the f key) to keep the damaged Shredder away from most Freedom Guard guns. You should be able to wipe out a significant portion of the infantry in the city if you're cautious and at the same time scope out the Freedom Guard position. While you're having fun with the Shredders, build your base near the spring slightly below your starting position and build a couple plasma turrets on the roads towards your base. As soon as you can destroy the two bridges into the city, the rest of the level is a cakewalk, but getting to the bridges is fairly difficult because Scout Runners are the only unit you have available to safely take out laser turrets. Build a group of four to five Scout Runners (any more gets a bit unmanageable, as it becomes difficult to prevent them from wandering into the firing range of enemy turrets), and begin taking out the turrets to the east, towards the second freshwater spring in the city. Use Plasma Tanks and Shredders to clear the path to the turrets of enemy units. Once the path to the spring is clear, build a second Water Launch Pad nearby with a couple of turrets to protect it. Take a group of Scout Runners east along the northernmost portion of the city, and when you hit the river, head south. Stay in the water and attack the turrets guarding the bridge using your superior range. You will likely be attacked from the shore, but try to persevere by retreating (or sacrificing) your easternmost Scout Runners. Once the turrets north of the bridge are gone, attack the bridge itself (using the a key). Bring up a few Plasma Tanks to speed the destruction of the bridge along. Once it's gone, that portion of the city is safe, as the Freedom Guard doesn't have any hover technology available to cross the river. Begin clearing out the rest of the city, making the destruction of the bridge on the southern outskirts of the city (just a little east of the left side of the map) your top priority. You can mop up any forces within the city later. Get a force of Scout Runners into the river by heading south along the left-hand side of the map then head east until you can attack the turrets. Again, it's likely that you'll face a few counterattacks but keep trying to take down those turrets and then the bridge itself. It may be worthwhile to send a diversionary force farther south across the river to attack the Freedom Guard base near the freshwater spring. If you can cut off the Freedom Guard's water supply from that spring, your job will get a lot easier, and even if you fail, you'll take pressure off your Scout Runners attacking the turrets guarding the bridge. Once the bridge goes down, your forces in the city will only have to worry about the remaining Freedom Guard forces in the city.

  Kendrick Water Assault

In this mission you have the Freedom Guard completely outmatched, provided that you can survive for the first few minutes. You start out with some Tachyon Tanks and quite a few credits. Start building a few more Tachyon Tanks and add a few turrets around your base boundaries. Enemy infantry will come out of the hills as well as down the roads, so don't leave any undefended approaches to your base. Your Tachyon Tanks work well as artillery, using their extensive range to protect your turrets and other buildings until you have generated a sufficient force to start taking the offensive - all you really need are a few more Tachyon Tanks and a few Bions. Start moving up the left-hand side of the map and attack the Freighter and defending Freedom Guard units near the freshwater spring up the road. Annihilate them with your Tachyon Tanks (retreating occasionally to avoid getting hit, while using your superior range to pound your pursuers). Build a Water Launch Pad and a few turrets to protect it. There's a Freedom Guard Training Facility in the hills to the east of the spring. You won't be able to get any armored units up the hills, so you'll have to overwhelm it with Bions and/or a large wave of Guardians. Take the other freshwater spring in the southeast corner of the map using a similar force of Tachyon Tanks and build another Water Launch Pad and some more turrets. Keep building Tachyon Tanks and start advancing up the roads, destroying any enemy units you find, and concentrating on getting to the remaining freshwater springs. Freedom Guard Tank Hunters are dangerous, but their limited range makes them vulnerable - retreat your own Tachyon Tanks and pick off the Tank Hunters as they chase after you. There is an additional Freedom Guard Training Facility in some hills just northeast of the center of the map, so you'll have to overwhelm that one with infantry as well. Once you cut the Freedom Guard off from the freshwater springs, descend on the Freedom Guard base from the east and from the south. Once the Freedom Guard base is breached, the Freedom Guard will try to destroy the Water Extraction Compound, so be prepared to charge into the base (sacrificing units if necessary), to prevent the compound from being destroyed. By the time you get to the Freedom Guard base, however, you'll likely have a massive Tachyon Tank wave that'll be more than ready to clean out the remainder of the Freedom Guard base.

Infiltration on Malik
A Tachyon Tank rush is absolutely invincible on this level, provided that you make the following preparations. Build a few turrets to protect your starting base, especially from the southeast corner base. Start cranking out Tachyon Tanks and marshal your forces near the Hover Research Facility immediately, then begin trying to destroy the northern bridge onto the island. Once you have a few Tachyon Tanks built in your base, start moving east and destroy the enemies blocking your way to the bridge to the southeast-corner island. Make the destruction of those bridges your primary focus. Once they're gone, the level has effectively been won, because the Freedom Guard won't be able to really threaten you again. Once the bridges are down, park a few Tachyon Tanks west of the destroyed bridge leading to the southeast base. Their superior attack range will allow your Tachyon Tanks to destroy the enemy units on the island without being attacked themselves. Build a few turrets to prevent any Freedom Guard units from crossing the nearby land bridge leading north. With the rest of your Tachyon Tanks, start heading west and then north, following the curve of the land, destroying anything in your path. Nothing in this level can cope with your Tachyon Tanks, but be sure to retreat from Tank Hunters until you pick them off outside of counterattack range. Just keep on moving, reinforcing your units if necessary, until you make your way to the Freedom Guard base in the northeast corner of the map. Destroy it and build a couple of Water Launch Pads to take advantage of the freshwater springs - you'll need a Hover Freighter to get to the freshwater spring in the northeast corner of the map. The remaining Freedom Guard forces will be boxed in the southeast corner of the map. Make a wall of Tachyon Tanks near the destroyed bridge and just start moving east, using the "formation move" command to keep your tanks in a line.

Don't worry about the game-relative 30-minute time limit - it's significantly longer than real time and plenty of time to fulfill the objectives. Build a few Construction Rigs and send them to build Water Launch Pads near the two freshwater springs at the top of the map and a Power Generator in the northwest corner near the Taelon deposit. For your Infiltrators to get into the Freedom Guard base, they'll have to morph into Freedom Guard infantry units. Use your Invader Troop Transport to scout the way into the Freedom Guard base in the southwest corner of the map - don't load all of your Infiltrators onto the transport or you'll risk losing the mission. As soon as your Troop Transport spots some infantry, morph your Infiltrators. Send them in one at a time and head straight for the HQ in the southwest corner of the map. You could steal the plans to individual units from the Training Facility and the Assembly Plant, but that's not as efficient as stealing the plans to a whole Assembly Plant from the HQ. Don't get greedy - only go for one set of plans at a time to lessen your chances of getting caught. Have your transport on standby just north of the enemy base to ferry your retreating Infiltrator quickly back to your own HQ. Once you get the plans for the Assembly Plant, build one then start cranking out some units. Skirmish Tanks should be sufficient for now, but as you get more credits rolling in, start building some Triple Rail Hover Tanks. Next use your Infiltrators to steal the plans for laser turrets and Heavy Rail Platforms (again, one at a time) and then a Training Facility. If you steal the plans to a Phasing Facility, you'll be able to upgrade it and get a Phase Runner, which is useful for launching some surprise attacks into the heart of the Freedom Guard base. Start building some defenses around your base. Don't forget to put a couple of turrets to guard the Water Launch Pad you built in the northeast corner. The Freedom Guard only has one freshwater spring available (in the swamp, near the center of the map), and with a group of Triple Rail Hover Tanks, you'll be able to get to it fairly easily. Stay out of range of the Heavy Rail Platforms for now and concentrate on killing the Freedom Guard Freighters to cut off the Freedom Guard water supply. It helps to bring a few Construction Rigs down to the clear area north of the freshwater spring to establish a new Assembly Plant and a series of turrets. Also, build a couple of laser turrets and a Heavy Rail Platform in the open plain to the west, blocking off the small north-south passage to the Freedom Guard base through the forest. Eventually the Freedom Guard will throw all it has at you but will be crushed by your turrets, leaving you with a bunch of unguarded buildings to burn. While the battle around the water supply should be your primary focus, to speed things along, it's worthwhile to build a diversionary force of Triple Rail Hover Tanks to start attacking the civilian city by traveling down the far right side of the map. The Triple Rail Hover Tanks can take out the Heavy Rail Platforms if they have a sufficiently unobstructed sight and can attack from extreme range at an angle. It's actually more difficult than usual to get that angle on the Heavy Rail Platforms in this mission because of dips in the terrain and blocking foliage. You likely won't have to face many enemy units with your diversionary force so concentrate on destroying buildings.

Tactics (8-11)

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